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Online Business Accelerator Presents ...
1-Day 'Client Leads On Demand' LIVE Workshop
 For NZ Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Growing Companies Wanting to IGNITE Their Sales funnel + Generate Quality Client Leads On Demand
++ Tuesday 30th October 2018 ++
8.45am to 4.30pm
Quality Hotel, Parnell, Auckland.
+ Get a FULL day of actionable web insights to deploy in your business
And SCALE UP your revenue heading into the New Year ..
Why Should I Attend?


With a combined 20+ years of lead generation experience, Jonathan Callinan and Jeremy Hobin are no strangers to delivering regular results for small-medium sized businesses.

Known for their non-fluff approach; you'll gain insights into the latest time-saving strategies and digital tools to consistently GROW your business.   


Master Facebook advertising and implement our growth hacks to generate regular quality leads from your campaigns. 

You’ll also receive our done-for-you recurring revenue blueprints to inject fresh revenue streams into your business and increase the lifetime value of your existing and new clients.


Gain access to a library of little-known website and landing page marketing tools, currently responsible for some of the highest conversion rates online ..

This is the same software being used right now by today's smartest marketers and high-profile  entrepreneurs including Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss.


Meet and socialise with other coaches, consultants, mentors across various industries.

This 1-day workshop provides a number of valuable opportunities to build your own network;  a potential strategic partner and/or new referral channel for taking your business to another level. 
(And LOTS more ..) 
In fact our DOUBLE YOUR MONEY GUARANTEE ensures that this 1-day digital workshop is the smartest and most impactful investment you'll make for your business this year or we'll pay YOU .. no questions asked!
Book Your Seat Below & Receive $2,500 worth
of Lead Generation Software For Your Business
What Other Kiwi Businesses Say About Client Leads On Demand
Where, When and Who..
*Where:  Quality Hotel, 10-20 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland.

8.45am - 4:30pm, Tues 30th October, 2018

*Parking:  FREE

Your ticket also includes morning/afternoon tea, lunch and swipe booklet 
Jonathan Callinan & Jeremy Hobin (Learn more)

Co-founders @
Online Business Accelerator Limited

T:     +649 969 4994
A:   1/2 Rangitira Avenue, Takapuna, Auckland.

  This 1-day workshop will completely change the way you
Think about marketing and online lead generation
We know how difficult it can be to Make online marketing work for Attracting regular leads & new clients..
  Does any of the following sound familiar?
  • You've forked out $5, $10k or more on a beautiful mobile website …
    but it just doesn’t seem to generate the regular leads and sales you need ...
  • You want your website to show up higher in Google and constantly receive cold calls and emails from overseas marketing companies.
    These callers promise you "more visitors to your site" and "better rankings in Google", but you’re still not really sure what to do...
  • You keep hearing about 'game-changing' tactics you should be doing 
    like Facebook, email marketing, blogging, LinkedIn, writing e-books, shooting videos etc. etc... 
  • The whole process is confusing, overwhelming and the LAST thing
    you want to be thinking about when you have a full-time business to run 
  • Resulting in that unpredictable flow of customer leads which
    keeps you guessing and your revenue yo-yoing from one month to the next 
Unfortunately, we regularly speak to business owners after they've hired less-than-credible agencies
or freelancers to promote their business which, as you can imagine, rarely delivers great or lasting results.
(One finance company we spoke with, hired a marketing agency to help them, and after some investigations,
we discovered their website had been promoted over dodgy "adult entertainment" sites, ouch...)
But .. How Would Your Business & Life Change
IF You Had a Reliable System That Generates Regular, Quality 
Client Leads ..
Whenever You Want?
Here's 3 Ways This Workshop Can Greatly Impact Your Business + Revenue Heading into 2019..
#1. Stop Wasting Time & Money Chasing the
Latest & 'Shiniest' Marketing Tactic
This is one of the biggest mistakes we see small businesses make ..
focusing all their time, energy and money of the latest tactic without a solid strategy in place first.

It’s like driving your car at full speed without a map. Sure it might feel like you’re making progress but eventually you get lost and end up back at square one.

The strategy is the overall plan that dictates how you will get you clients - the tactics come in to implement the strategy.

Your website, Google rankings, Adwords, Facebook ads - these are all tactics.

The most profitable businesses develop their strategy first, then use tactics to implement the strategy.
#2. Build a Sales System That Generates
New Customer Leads on Autopilot
This is the holy grail of marketing - having a system in place in your business you can turn on like a tap, and have new leads come through.

Every day you wake up, check your inbox and .. there are new customer enquiries there waiting for you!

This gives you ultimate control over how quickly you can grow - which means you can confidently hire staff to take over certain duties to free up your time, whilst making more money.

Getting this type of system in your business is NOT easy, but boy, is it worth it.

We’ve built these systems out for dozens of companies and the results speak for themselves..

For one coach we worked with, whenever he has some gaps in his schedule he simply requests this lead generation system be turned on, and, boom, his calendar is full again within a few days.

We’ve built these marketing machines for property companies, and by having an extra few hundred enquiries each month, they grow by literally millions of dollars.

We developed one of these systems for an international speaker and business mentor so that he can now reliably sell out every single event he does.

We're strong believers that having this type of asset in your business; where you can turn lead flow on and off like a tap, is the MOST valuable asset a business can have in this day and digital age.
#3. Push Your Business Past the 'Danger Zone' Into 
"High Growth Mode"
"High Growth Mode" is where you have a dependable flow of new clients coming in.

You have the staff and systems in place to service those clients and then, you have extra staff taking care of management and administration.

This allows the owner to move from working IN the business to ON (growing) their business.

Profitability goes way up, while stress levels naturally go down.

Sure, there will still be challenges and problems, but in this position you have the time and resources to deal with them, instead of sacrificing time with family and other personal time to put out these small fires.

Growing a business can be one of the toughest things you do in life.

Do it wrong and it can tear you and your family apart…

But do it right, and you and your family will reap the rewards for decades to come. This brings financial freedom and all of the rewards that motivated you to get into business in the first place!
Client Leads On Demand is an Inspiring
1-Day LIVE Marketing Workshop
That Supplies Your Business with The Very
Latest Web Strategies and Marketing Tools
 After attending, you can expect to;
  • Consistently generate a profitable return on your advertising spend
    and create predictable monthly lead flows for your business
  • Adopt the very latest strategies, tactics and marketing tricks 
    to increase sales and thrive within your marketplace
  • Entertain and engage more of your audience on Facebook (& LinkedIn) 
    with highly effective marketing tools to drive more qualified clients
  • Deploy a highly effective marketing roadmap to your business
    to thrive in today's hyper-competitive environment and in future
  • Leverage the $150 billion dollar e-learning industry
    to scale up your business and generate 'passive' revenue for years to come 
Warning: This is NOT your usual fluffy, hyped-up event which over promises and under delivers .. 
At Online Business Accelerator (OBA), we're all about empowering you with essential marketing tactics and strategic hacks to free up the amount of time you're currently spending IN your business.

We can then equip you with the smartest marketing tools and funnels to accelerate scaling up your business.

OBA doesn’t play by the smaller rules of convention and we certainly won’t hold back in giving you the exact swipe strategies, tactics and tools you'll need to generate higher quality client leads - on demand.

Register below (while you're on this page) to avoid disappointment and missing out later on.

This 1-day workshop is packed with valuable insights, swipe tactics and actionable strategies you can implement immediately into your coaching, consulting and service-based business.

It's also why we can confidently offer a  'Double Your Money' Guarantee IF this isn't one of the most impactful business upskill events you've attended within the last 12 months. 
Book Your Seat Below & Receive $2,500 worth
of Lead Generation Software For Your Business
“These guys are hands-down New Zealand’s best online marketers. I’ve worked with them on dozens of projects over the years and have seen firsthand their methods and strategies generate multiple-millions of dollars in sales.”
Ben Simkin 
"World's #1 Facebook Marketer" (Huffington Post)
   Client Leads On Demand Workshop Is ALL About Your Business ..
 Morning Session #1  
The Simplest “Sales Funnel”
You’ve Ever Seen
Most of the business owners we speak to have been told that they need a crazy-complicated system and process to generate leads.

In our experience we’ve found that SIMPLICITY is the key. In fact, for many of our clients, we only create ONE web page to use in their marketing campaigns.

Here's what you can expect from the 1st session:
  • Our proven templates for a simple web page that effectively turns casual visitors into red-hot leads for your business.
  • Just add this page on your website to generate fresh leads, direct to your inbox, wanting to speak with YOU and hear more about your services.
  • PLUS .. discover how to get the whole thing up and running within 24 hours, with zero technical or web design experience needed.
 Morning Session #2  
Leveraging Organic and Viral Marketing Tools to Get Free Visitors and Leads From Your Website
At Online Business Accelerator, we test out nearly every new “online marketing tool” that comes onto the market and have conveniently curated the “best of the best” tools so that small businesses (like yourself) can benefit and use right now to gain more visitors, leads and sales from your website.

In session #2, we’ll be revealing and sharing little-known marketing tools and software with you, including:
  • Trust-Boosting Software That Quickly Increases Your Sales Conversions
    on your website, landing page or checkout. In less than 60 seconds, this one tool increases your online credibility to convert new visitors into sales. 
  • The Smartest + Most Effective Share Tool for Capturing Facebook Traffic
    This content sharing tool will be worth your ticket admission all by itself. We'll show you how to ethically 'boomerang' qualified from high authority sites in your industry (and sites like NZ Herald) to YOUR own website.
  • How To “Spy” On Your Website Visitor’s (Mouse) Movements + Clicks
    This insightful tool provides the visual evidence you need to quickly “plug any holes” in your website, enabling you to retain more visitors and then convert them into warm leads and sales. (Its like a $10,000 market research package for your website, just without the 5-figure price tag!)
  • The Very Latest Facebook and LinkedIn Engagement Tools
  • Whether it's paid or organic posts (or both), these simple tools will increase your brand authority and reach whilst saving you valuable time. 
  • And more..
 Afternoon Session #3  
Very Latest Facebook Advertising Tricks
Facebook advertising is THE most powerful to connect with potential clients but most people still don’t know how to use it effectively. 

We’ve managed over $1 million dollars in advertising spend for clients on Facebook, and we’ve developed a system you can use to generate visitors and leads without wasting time and money figuring it out on your own.

In the 3rd session you’ll gain access to:
  • The simple Facebook ads template that we use for 90% of our client campaigns that works in nearly every market we’ve tried it in.
  • Facebook’s “secret” market research tools that allow you to uncover intimate knowledge of your target market and get your ads in front of EXACTLY the right people.
  • Insights on how to take advantage of Facebook’s incredible knowledge of its users to find new clients who are highly similar to your existing clients.
  • How to schedule all your Facebook posts in advance (including posts to your business page, personal page, Facebook groups and even Facebook Live videos!)
  • Where to find viral content on Facebook to leverage in your own marketing
  • And more..
  Afternoon Session #4
Leveraging Today's e-Learning Boom 
+ Client Subscriptions to Increase Monthly Revenue & Business Cashflow
In session 4, we'll demonstrate how we help Kiwi businesses 'tap into' the trillion dollar e-learning model, without the usual fuss, time and expense.

In particular, you'll know how to:
  • Quickly Increase Your Existing Clients' Lifetime Value (CLTV)
    We'll lay bare the essential tools required to generate more sales from your existing, past and future clients. 
  • Use a Simple Sales Funnel to Nurture + Convert Lower Ticket Clients
    Swipe our funnel templates and resources for your own client base.
  • Take Full Advantage of Today's Thriving Online Subscription Model
    Plus learn the key tactics for retaining clients and generating more recurring monthly revenue for your business.
  • And lots more..
Book Your Seat Below & Receive $2,500 worth
of Lead Generation Software For Your Business
Our Double Your Money GUARANTEE Ensures That This Will Be One Of The Most Valuable Marketing Events You Attend in 2018
We know this 1-day workshop will give you essential key insights and the practical know-how to generate regular quality client leads in your business.

However, if (for any reason whatsoever) this popular event isn't one of the most valuable events you attend in 2018, we'll return your ticket fee and MATCH it again to demonstrate there's no hard feelings. 

This means the worst that could happen is we pay YOU to enjoy the refreshments and access all of the very latest web strategies, tricks and marketing tools!
The risk is ALL ours so we’ll work our butts off to ensure you walk away feeling inspired about growing and scaling up your business.
 About Your Hosts & Digital Specialists
Jonathan Callinan
Jonathan Callinan is one of the most respected strategists and marketing experts within both the natural health and professional coaching industries.
He has launched and managed several successful online ventures over the past 9 years, including The Wellness Directory; one of NZ’s most popular health sites.  

This project has witnessed the country’s 1st ‘Ask The Expert’ forum and (as of August 2016) has created over 500,000 new treatment bookings for natural health practitioners up and down the country.  
Jonathan enjoys helping businesses grow through smart web tactics and using the very latest strategies.

He is also a sought-after speaker and has run 18 marketing workshops for business professionals over the past 5 years.
Jeremy Hobin
With over 11 years of “in the trenches” experience, Jeremy has established himself as a respected online marketing specialist.
His track record includes:   
  • Developing large-scale campaigns for international companies like Hyundai, Harvey World Travel, Karicare, Powershop and many more.
  • Generating millions of dollars in sales in highly competitive niches including personal finance, property investment, and mortgage brokering.
  • Helping international speakers sell out their multi-date events across Australia and New Zealand
What Other Kiwi Businesses Say About Client Leads On Demand
 Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Client Leads On Demand for?
This 1-day live workshop is designed for all service-based entrepreneurs, including coaches, consultants, advisors, mentors and any small-medium sized business that needs to generate regular client leads online. 
I am busy, why should I attend this workshop?
In our vast experience, every business leaves a significant amount of income opportunity on the table every month. 

This upskilling day is to help you reap more returns from existing clients whilst implementing cutting-edge web strategies to generate new ones.

Is there a discounted group rate?
We have discounted rates for business owners/entrepreneurs who’d like to bring a team with them. The number of attendees and time of purchase will impact group pricing.

Please email our support team at at for group discounts.
Are there any prerequisites to attending?
This digital workshop is directed at and ideal for service-based business owners and entrepreneurs trading for a minimum of 3 years. You should have a basic or better understanding of online marketing and be familiar with Facebook advertising. 

Furthermore, this event is ONLY for you if you're looking to radically improve and grow your business.

Is this event full of fluffy 'salesy' content?
NO. This is not your usual over-hyped type of event. 

You will receive an actual physical swipe booklet and templates packed full of strategies and tactics to increase and transform your lead generation results. 
We will spend the vast majority of our time demonstrating the latest marketing tools and strategies that you can immediately implement into your business.

Unlike most business events, we can guarantee that you'll walk away with a totally fresh perspective on growing and scaling your business over the coming weeks.
Why is this a workshop rather than an seminar?
As digital strategists, we believe that full immersion is the quickest way to affect real change in your business.

This event is split up into 4 power sessions to provide you with the very latest strategies, tactics and tools required to generate regular quality clients from your online promotions.
What should I bring to the workshop?
We'll provide you with morning/afternoon teas, lunch and plenty of water.  Bring a pad of paper and pen or laptop (or tablet), whichever is more preferable to your style of learning.

Please also bring business cards and most importantly,  an open mind for exploring new ideas and learning lots of new concepts.
Is there a dress code?
The dress code is business casual, but dress comfortably for the day. You’ll be moving around a little bit so please ensure you wear comfortable shoes and bring a sweater or jacket.
+ Get a full day of actionable web marketing insights that you can
Apply to GROW your business within 24 hours ..
Book Your Seat Below & Receive $2,500 worth
of Lead Generation Software For Your Business
© Copyright, 2018.  Online Business Accelerator Limited.